Pierre Picard

  • 3D Artist Freelance
  • Montreal, QC

Passionate about 3D and video Games, focused on realistic environment and hard surface at the moment but open to any (beautiful) style !

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My goal is to contribute to the creation of great assets and environments for any kind of 3D production, to do great stuff that people will love and that I will love doing.

As a 3D Artist I can manage with a variety of platform from custom 3D Engine to Unreal engine 4 passing by Unity 3D. I'm all about attaining stunning results despite limitations and improve my craft to the highest quality !


3dsmaxPhotoshopZbrushUnreal Engine 4UnityQuixel suiteSubstance painterSubstance DesignerMayaModoAutocad


3D ModelingHighpolyLowpolyTexturingSculptingBaking